Photo by Monsters and Lace
Photo by Monster and Lace


My name is Caitlin Campagno, and I am Haunting Beauty Art!

I’m a Illustration graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design 

History, magic, the moon, a vast variety of music, and nature inspire me to do what I do. I strongly believe that as long as the sky is above me and the earth beneath me, I can do anything as long as I accept what I do.

From a young age, I have always loved nature and the creatures that inhabit it. This love really grew from Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. I fell in love with the Skesis and the skeletal look of them. This started me on the road to collecting taxidermy. My collection is used as a reference in my art frequently. Nature, in general, pops up in my work often. I also use my two cats and snake as muses, I have two calicos and a Everglades Rat Snake ❤

Recently I have been working with The Elder Futhark  Runic Alphabet, mythology and the wonders of the moon as inspiration and design cues.

So yeah, that’s me! A creative mess beyond belief who loves animals and tolerates humans. Haha, I hope you enjoy what you find here.

✨ Stay Spooky ✨

Haunting Beauty Art