Senior Thesis Work

     For my Senior Thesis for my BFA in Illustration at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, I decided to illustrate the Elder Futhark Alphabet into a divination card deck.
     Below you will find the pieces I have created. The Elder Futhark Language is a dead writing system belonging to Nomadic Germanic tribes. It is the oldest form of the runic writing systems. It can be found inscribed on weapons, jewelry, tools, ceremonial items and Rune Stones. The writing was rediscovered and deciphered in 1865 by Norwegian scholar Sophus Bugge. The Alphabet has been found to survive inscribed on 350 items from Germany to Scandinavia all the way to the British Isles.
      So, for my take on this writing system, I explained the mythology behind each rune using osteal and botanical illustrations.
You can buy Prints and Copies of this Deck here : on my Etsy
     I hope you enjoy.
           – Haunting Beauty Art by Caitlin Campagno